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Ashley and Jake’s intimate wedding day at Reality on Monroe was a day filled with love and emotion, their story starts LONG before their wedding day though! The two practically grew up together, but were never interested in one another. They later moved across the country from one another, Ashley to Colorado and Jake to […]

Intimate Wedding at Reality on Monroe | Ashley + Jake

A bride and groom stand outside the Vrooman Mansion and smile at one another after their first look

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Have you ever wondered what an elopement is? Maybe you’ve heard of them before. They’re those things where a couple sneaks off to get married in secret without anyone knowing right? WRONG! They are now some of the most fun, creative, and thoughtful wedding experiences a couple can have! So what exactly is an elopement […]

What Exactly is an Elopement?

A man and woman kiss one another while in a courtroom for their elopement as guests seated in the background clap

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You’ve found your person! Your best friend! You’ve gotten engaged and now it’s time to plan a celebration for this love you share with one another. One tiny problem though, the idea of planning a seating chart, deciding on a guest list, finding hotel accommodations for out of town folks… it overwhelms you, and just […]

How to Plan an Airbnb Elopement

A bride and groom hold hands during their elopement ceremony as guests watch, the ceremony takes place outside their Airbnb with mountains in the background

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While there are plenty of incredible wedding venues in Bloomington-Normal, some of which even made my list of favorite venues of Central Illinois, there are just as many if not more stellar getting ready spaces in the city! But what makes a good getting ready space, and do you really need one for your wedding […]

7 Aesthetic Getting Ready Spaces in Bloomington-Normal

A groom stands with his arm resting on a fireplace and looks off into the distance

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So backyard weddings, especially in Springfield Illinois and the surrounding areas, have been on the rise in popularity and I am SO here for it! A backyard wedding is such an intimate and personal way to celebrate your marriage to the love of your life. There’s such a wide array of fun, unique, and creative […]

5 Magic Elements to Bring Your Backyard Wedding in Springfield Illinois to the Next Level

Guests of a backyard wedding in Springfield Illinois dance together under a tent with string lights

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Backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, especially in and around my lovely town of Springfield Illinois! This couldn’t make me happier as I absolutely ADORE backyard weddings. The vibes are so fun, so personal, and it’s so much better budget wise for the majority of couples. So if you’re […]

Must Have Vendors for Your Backyard Wedding Near Springfield IL

A man sits and plays an acoustic guitar during a backyard wedding in Springfield Illinois, he is one of the vendors of the wedding

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Seth + Kelly’s intimate Airbnb wedding day at Three Pines in Petersburg Illinois was a DREAM.  This charming little Airbnb made the perfect backdrop for Seth + Kelly’s wedding day surrounded by all their family and friends. I’m so obsessed with these two and their intimate wedding day, and to top off my obsession, I […]

Illinois Airbnb Wedding at Three Pines Petersburg | Seth + Kelly

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As intimate weddings have gained popularity the past couple of years, more and more couples are turning to backyard weddings for their wedding day. Not only are they more cost effective, but they’re personal, fun, and create such a unique experience for you and your loved ones. There are SO many positives to planning a […]

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding