My life changed in 2013 when I stumbled upon the made-up word “sonder” and its definition: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Heyo! Rach here. (she/her) I'm a chronic “long-story-short” teller, writer, avid therapy-goer, hiker, slow mornings and comfy clothes lover, la croix in the summer and hot tea in the winter drinker, deep conversation seeker, mental health advocate, and overall easy going gal. 

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When reading this word, I realized that sonder for me was not a “realization”- it was just the way I lived my life every day. It was my worldview.

Understanding that every person has their own beautiful, messy, complicated backstory is why I traveled, why I read books, why I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to learn as many backstories as possible. Every interaction with a friend, fellow traveler, stranger, or student was an opportunity to learn more about who they were based on their actions, body language, what they wore, what they said and didn’t say.

The more people I met, the more I realized how beautiful and complicated we are as humans.

During the five years I spent as a public school teacher, my students taught me more about the word “sonder.” My students needed a space where they could express themselves wholly– the messy, emotional, broken, and goofy.

Stories must be preserved.
Because in the end, that’s all that we are.

My experiences learning from other people showed me: I was destined to photograph the world in all its details: beauty, emotional, messy, and complexity. 

Teaching taught me to pause to see the whole person, the whole story, to meet people where they were, even if you didn't know any piece of their backstory. 

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I am a nerd; my favorite classes in college were realism in the cinema and American autobiography. I still enjoy watching video essays about movies / film on YouTube. 

My music tastes varies...
from Paramore to Novo Amor,

from Florence + Machine to Machine Gun Kelly. 

My music tastes varies...
     from Paramore to Novo Amor,
     from Florence + Machine to Machine Gun Kelly. 

Favorite movies of mine include:

Ever After,
The Grand Budapest Hotel,
The Holiday,
& Everything Everywhere All at Once.

I was a band kid, choir kid, musical kid in high school... it all makes sense now, doesn't it. 

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naomi + ben

"Rachael made everything so personal by getting to know me and my fiance and our long distance story. She has an eye for small details and captured so many beautiful moments over the whole day. It was really easy to book her and work with her from a long distance.

She also was so helpful in working through the wedding day timeline. I especially loved how she handled the pictures of just me and my husband. She caught just how joyful we were to finally be together for good. Her work is lovely, she is a lovely person!"

"She blew me away."

madison + Wes

"Rachael is wonderful to work with! Her photo timelines alone were so helpful in planning for the day and thinking through what the day would look like. She is AMAZING with large groups of people. She’s fun, a great communicator, and kept everyone on task.

Rachael fit right in with my bridesmaids and captured some beautiful moments of laughter. Rachael is an artist. We loved her dark, moody, dreamy images. We don’t have enough wall space in our home to hang all of our favorites."

"Rachael fit right in."

aunde + tory

"Even though we were eloping, she was so invested to make sure that our day was just as special as a couple that would've been having a huge ceremony and reception. From driving us to go get ice cream in her car because it was scorching hot that day, calling the museum in advance to get us in for free to read our private vows, to finishing off the day with such a special moment guiding my husband and I in reflection of the day and our love for each other.

She really was able to capture our vision for our style but also our genuine and deep love for each other. Rachael's photography skills are incredible and what a bonus that she's probably the most kind and genuine person my husband and I have ever met."

"She made our day so special."

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