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Anyone that’s planning a wedding can attest to just how BIG of a decision it is to choose a venue for your wedding day! To help guide couples through this decision I’ve written articles in the past covering some of my favorite wedding venues in Central Illinois as well as Bloomington, Illinois. There are venues […]

Central Illinois Wedding Venue Feature | The Destihl Brewery

A bride and groom hug one another while exiting their wedding ceremony at their venue, The Barrel Room at the Destihl Brewery in Central Illinois

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Congratulations you must be engaged! This is such an exciting, crazy, and happy time in both of your lives!! As you begin to get into the thick of planning your wedding day you’re going to be making a LOT of decisions. One of the most important of these decisions is going to be choosing your […]

Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding ceremony takes place outdoors underneath the cover of large trees in a park

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As some of you may know, and others may not, there are a TON of spectacular wedding venues throughout Bloomington, Illinois! From historic buildings with their original feel and style intact, to new and modern spaces with their own unique vibe to them, there’s something for everyone around Bloomington-Normal. Don’t believe me? Well sit down […]

My 10 Favorite Wedding Venues in Bloomington, Illinois

A bride and groom stand facing one another during their wedding ceremony at their venue, Reality on Monroe in Bloomington, Illinois

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YOU DID IT! You got engaged and now the time has come to start planning your wedding day! You’ve dreamt of this moment for what seems like forever, and you have a vision of what your day is going to look like, now the only question is how to make that dream a reality. While […]

10 Nature Centered Wedding Venues in Illinois

Children dance together while under a tent during an outdoor wedding reception

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Have you ever wondered what an elopement is? Maybe you’ve heard of them before. They’re those things where a couple sneaks off to get married in secret without anyone knowing right? WRONG! They are now some of the most fun, creative, and thoughtful wedding experiences a couple can have! So what exactly is an elopement […]

What Exactly is an Elopement?

A man and woman kiss one another while in a courtroom for their elopement as guests seated in the background clap

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You’ve found your person! Your best friend! You’ve gotten engaged and now it’s time to plan a celebration for this love you share with one another. One tiny problem though, the idea of planning a seating chart, deciding on a guest list, finding hotel accommodations for out of town folks… it overwhelms you, and just […]

How to Plan an Airbnb Elopement

A bride and groom hold hands during their elopement ceremony as guests watch, the ceremony takes place outside their Airbnb with mountains in the background

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Time flies when you’re having fun! For anyone that’s ever been to or been a part of a wedding, you know just how true this age old saying is. Spirits are usually at an all time high for a wedding, and with all the activities that make up the day it can feel impossible to […]

5 Ways to Create Time With Your Family on Your Wedding Day from a Springfield Wedding Photographer

A bride smiles with her parents on either side of her while they stand in a field

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Something I will NEVER do on my blogs is gatekeep any locations or ideas from any couples. It’s what led me to write blogs about how to craft a wedding timeline, or how to enhance a backyard wedding in Springfield. It’s with this in mind that brings us to today’s blog, my top 5 locations […]

My Top 5 Newlywed Portrait Locations in Springfield, Illinois

A bride and groom stand inside the botanical gardens at Washington Park and embrace one another while about to kiss

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As a wedding photographer, believe me when I tell you that your wedding day is going to FLY by! There is so much excitement, joy, and energy that goes into a wedding day that it is simply unavoidable. That’s why having a wedding day timeline to keep your day on track is SO important. It […]

Tips on Crafting the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

A bride and groom kiss one another in front of a pond with a fountain while their wedding parties surround them and cheer

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If you know me, or have been following me for a little bit now, then you know how much I LOVE my weddings in Springfield Illinois. If you’re new here then welcome, and by the way I love my weddings in Springfield haha! Being a wedding photographer in Springfield I’ve seen a lot of new […]

6 Wedding Trends I LOVE as a Springfield Wedding Photographer

A bride and groom walk hand in hand in an empty field with some silos in the background as they laugh and smile at the camera